April 15 2021

What Is A Seat Agreement

5. In the event of a disagreement over the election of the third arbitrator, the third arbitrator is appointed by the President of the International Court of Justice at the request of the parties. Belgium has no international responsibility for the Agency`s activities on its territory with respect to the acts or omissions of the Agency or its agents and other agents acting or not acting in the performance of their duties. The content of the siege agreement is similar to that which applies to other EU agencies established in the Netherlands, such as Eurojust, Europol and the Galileo Reference Centre. In order to enable the EMA to prepare for a smooth transition in the work of its scientific and delegate committees, the Dutch Government and the EMA hope that the agreement can be signed as soon as possible. Since this transition must be supported by EMA staff in the Netherlands, the timely signing of the agreement would allow EMA staff and their families to be informed of their treatment and to settle in the Netherlands. This is especially important for employees who want to move before the start of the next school year. Eager to enter into an agreement establishing the privileges and immunities necessary for the Agency and the successful execution of the mission of its staff; The Netherlands and the EMA are pleased to have concluded negotiations on this agreement earlier than planned. 2. Belgium undertakes to grant the Agency all necessary authorisations to free up the necessary means for the establishment, operation or closure of the Office, in accordance with the terms of the national rules and international conventions in force. 1.

The Agency, its real estate, its income and any other goods intended for its official use are exempt from any direct taxation. 5. The Office informs the Department of the Protocol of the Federal Service for External Action of the State of the arrival and final departure of its officials and also provides the following specific information concerning all its officials and other agents: 4. The third arbitrator is the President of the Court of Arbitration. 1. The Office`s premises are untouchable. Access to its premises requires authorization from the head of the Office. (a) legal immunity for acts that are fully official, including written or oral words; this immunity continues to apply after the termination of his duties; b) Inviolability of all official documents and documents. IN WITNESS WHEREOF were signed by the representatives of the Kingdom of Belgium and “X” of this agreement. The Agency is exempt from any indirect tax on official publications it receives or sends abroad. (a) “Office”: the liaison office “X” officially created in Belgium; (b) “official activity of the Office”: the activities necessary to achieve the statutory objectives and missions of general interest entrusted to “X” in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty in Belgium; (c) “official use”: the acts and acquisitions of goods or services essential to the Fulfilment of its official activities in Belgium or necessary for its proper functioning, the costs of which are paid by “X”; (d) “archives”: any recording, correspondence, documents, manuscripts, computer and media data, databases, photographs, films, video and sound recordings that belong to or comply with the Agency or its staff in the course of its official activities; (e) “Office premises,” land and buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively for the performance of the Official Functions of the Agency; (f) “Head of the Office”: the Agency`s most senior official; (g) “officials/agents/staff of the Agency”: to be negotiated; (h) “locally engaged staff”: id.