October 05 2021

Rt46 Merchant Services Agreement

PayGate is a payment system that, for credit card processing and e-commerce for merchants, is linked to the investment bank and trade branches at ABSA Bank. 10 ERT46/001 Government RT 46 – 2014 Commitment Customer Mandate: Date: Primary Contact Person: Transit Rep: Telephone Number: Standard Bank Rep: Fax: Customer Code: Email Address: Mobile Phone Number: Primary Address: Subscriber Details: Y/ NNameDepartmental Break-Out List regions, departments, paying agencies, etc. Managed Maintenance – Managed Maintenance – Accident repairs – Extension of vehicle license Comments : Initial :……. …. Page 1 RT 46 Mandate form Page 1 Please enter the main contact person with whom Transit Solutions will deal and take instructions during the execution of the RT 46 -2014 contract. Provision is also made for the appointment of secondary interlocutors. Please fill in the desired data and provide certified identity copies of the data subjects. In addition, you must choose the specific services that Transit Solutions must provide to your user service within the meaning of the RT 46 contract. Please select the corresponding box by marking it and, if necessary, provide additional information.

Large franchises and centralized settlement groups for more than 100 dealers can make bulk shipments and should contact Brian Van Rooyen or rt46@transitfms.co.za to get the process to follow and the necessary documents. All necessary supporting documents, such as copies of identifiers, rental contracts, etc., must be provided electronically in files for each merchant. . . .