October 11 2021

Termination Of Lease Agreement Quebec

All rental contracts, regardless of their length, are automatically renewed under the same conditions if the lessor fails to inform the tenant in writing in accordance with the law; for the modification of the conditions (see below) or the termination (see termination of a lease: termination and date). A lessor wishing to re-engage a dwelling is obliged to inform the tenant at least six months before the expiry of the rental contract in the case of a rental contract with a fixed term of more than six months; If the duration of the rental contract is less than or equal to six months, one month`s notice is required. (Article 1960, paragraph 1, of the Civil Code of Québec) . Do not allow a tenant to terminate their lease. The tenant can at any time try to reach an agreement with the owner. Remember that any agreement between the landlord and the tenant must be made in writing. The Quebec Lease Law allows for an increase in rents each year. There is no cap on rent increases and landlords can try to impose a significant increase on a new tenant. The Tenants Rights` Association, a lobby group for tenants, studies annual costs for landlords and plans for a percentage increase in rent. This should help tenants decide whether the increase they need to pay is appropriate or not. If you would like to know the forecast for the current year, contact the Régie du Logement (514-873-2245) before signing the lease. You have the right to know the amount of rent paid by the last tenant and, if it has been excessively increased, you can ask the lessor for a justification for the increase. The only specific situations in which one can withdraw from one`s rental agreement are as follows: in the notice of modification, the lessor is obliged to inform the tenant in writing of his right to refuse in writing the proposed changes in the rental agreement within 1 month from the first notification.

After receipt by the tenant of the written refusal of the proposed amendments, the lessor has a period not exceeding one month from receipt of the notice of opposition to ask the Régie du logement to set new conditions. If the lessor does not apply for housing management, the lease is automatically renewed at the same rent and under the same conditions. (Articles 1945 and 1947 of the Civil Code of Québec) A lease of 12 months or more, with a clause providing for an adjustment of the rent during the first year of the lease or more than once in a period of 12 months, is also invalid (article 1906 of the Civil Code of Québec). It`s important! Contrary to popular belief, a tenant cannot terminate a lease by giving the landlord a period of three months.. . .